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    DSI, your needs delivered...

    From minor modifications to major renovations, DSI can provide a turnkey solution. We are a General Contractor with an unlimited license providing you all the resources needed to complete your project on time.


    From ATM installation to new vault builds, we have the training to meet your needs. We can install ATMs, bullet resistant glass, pneumatic tube systems, vaults, safe deposit boxes, safes and any other heavy equipment you need moved or installed.


    From software to hardware upgrades we have the talent and experience to get your equipment up and running. We have experience upgrading operating systems on various platforms, converting ATMs to deposit automation, network conversions, and replacing and upgrading hardware.


    From trouble to repair, we have the experience to solve your problem. Our service technicians have the experience to troubleshoot problems, clean and maintain your equipment, and repair or replace damaged equipment. 

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